Edan Cadence Fetal Monitor

  • Model: Cadence

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Cadence Series monitors provides a cost-effective solution for you to make quick and accurate clinical assessments. These compact and lightweight monitors are designed for antepartum and intrapartum applications in the clinic, office, and hospital.


Easy-to-read LED numerical display
Highly sensitive 1MHz waterproof FHR transducer
Signals Overlap Verification to separate twins FHR
Flat surface design and waterproof TOCO transducer
Built-in Long life thermal printer
15 mins printing caching function when paper runs out
Support American/International standard recording paper
Automatic fetal movement detection
DECG & IUP parameters optional
Insight software for data management
Built-in rechargeable battery for 4 hours continuous work
Wired & wireless central monitoring solution
Compact and lightweight design
Complete carting and mounting solution
Standard Configuration:FHR, TOCO, FM, AFM
Optional Configuration: Twins FHR, DECG&IUP, Fetal Stimulator, Li-ion Battery


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