Ultrasound A/B Scanner for Ophthalmology (2100)

  • Model: 2100

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Product Description

High resolution images
B, b+b, b+a, a features
Zoom from 34mm-60mm
Time gain control
Post processing
Real time clock
User friendly
10" CRT monitor
Turnup keyboard, fully portable
Trackball for easy measure ment and ooperation
8 images memory

B mode:
Frequency: 10MHz
Gain control: ≥98dB
Resolution: Axial ≤0.2mm; Lateral ≤0.4mm
Scanning scope: Angle: 53
Depth: 31mm-63mm, 8 steps selectable
Gray scale: 256

A mode: Frequency: 10MHz
Biometry accuracy: ≥0.06mm
Display resolution: 0.01mm
Measuring scope(al): 16-40mm
Measuring parameter: Anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, vitreous length and axial length
Measuring method: Automatic (for normal, aphakic, pseudophakic, cataract)and manual
Iol power calculation: Srk-ii, srk/t, binkhost-ii,
Holladay, hoffer-q and haigis.

Image output (option): Video printer or workstation
Power supply: AC 220v 11%, 50Hz (or on demand in advance)
Dimensions(mm): 360 x 300 x 260
Weight: 10kg.

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