SY02-LED3 Operating Lamp( Adjust color temperature)

  • Model: SY02-LED3

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SY02-LED3 Shadowless Operating Lamp( Adjust color temperature)
Main features:
Uniform, homogeneous lighting in surface and deep cavity procedures thanks to SY02-LED' s innovative shadow control.
Our ergonomic, sterile operating concept allows for the simple and flexible control of all functions by the surgical team.
Almost unlimited LED life expectancy delivers tremendous product reliability and investment protection.
Environmentally proactive: Low power consumption and durable LEDs minimize the impact on our precious resources.

Unmatched shadow management optimizes concentration and surgical team efficiency.

Huifeng has harnessed the far-reaching potential of the multi-lens matrix to virtually eliminate shadows. SY02-LED3(Adjust color temperature)'s overlapping fields of light and multiple patterns - selectable based on the surgical situation - minimize shadows and redirect the full selected intensity to the surgical site.

The result is up to 25% more light in deep cavity situations.
Sterile control operations
One of the innovative characteristics of SY02-LED3: The sterile control concept enables the surgical team to operate all important functions intuitively, quickly and simply - either on the light heads or via a wall control panel.
On and off-switch
Dimming with integrated Endo mode
Shadow management
Optimized air flow design for better hygiene
With its open design and superior ventilated ceiling tolerance, SY02-LED ensures that perfect operating conditions are created and hygienic requirements are fulfilled. The airflow surface under the ventilated ceiling is minimized and the reduced heat generation ensures a low turbulence displacement stream under the light head.

Technical Data:
Central illuminance: ------------------------------- 100.000 Lux
Size of light field: --------------------------------- 200 - 350 mm
Colour temperature: ------------------------------ 3500K, 4000K, 4500K, 5000K
Color reduction index: ---------------------------- 93
Service life of illuminant: ------------------------- 30.000 h
Operator head temperature rise(° C): ------------ <2

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