Aeon 7400A anaesthesia machine

  • Model: 7400A

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-- Aeon7400A---


High quality LED display, with IPPV and Manual Ventilation mode

Parameters Monitored include Vt, Paw and breath rate

Accurate & stable vaporizer output, with flow, pressure and temperature compensation

Precise flowmeter, with low-flow range ( 0-1L/min), and high accuracy ( 0.05L/min ),

meeting low-flow requirement



---Technical Data---


Ventilation mode: IPPV, Manual

Tidal volume: 0 1500mL

Breath rate: 6 60bpm

IE Ratio: 1:0.5, 1:1, 2:3, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4

High airway pressure: 20 60cmH2O

Low airway pressure: 0 20cmH2O

Alarm silence: ≤120s

Parameters monitored: Vt, Paw, Breath rate

Alarm: Paw high/low limit, power failure, low gas supply controlled

Safety valve: ≤6KPa

Patient type: Adult & pediatric

Mode: close, semi-close or semi-open

Driven mode: Pneumatically driven and electronically controlled

Setting: Touch key & navigator wheel knob

Display: High quality LED

Flowmeter: O2, N2O; 4 tubes; 0-10L/min

O2 flush: 35 75L/min

Single vaporizer

Power supply: 110V 240V; 50Hz 60Hz

Power consumption: ≤70W

Gas supply: O2, N2O; pressure: 0.3 0.5MPa

Dimensions(LWH): 620mm890mm1335mm

Weight: 95kg (without vaporizer)