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If you are a company looking for various medical equipment with high quality and competitive price, Chinamedi Group will be your best partner. We have setup long term good relationship with more than one hundred factories in China, can  provide total solution for China medical equipment. We have successfully jointed international tenders all over the world. Also our success international business experience will make you purchase very easy.Please contact us at:
info@chinamedigroup.com  .


Join Chinamedi Group team
Chinamedi Group is a world class organization dedicated to its employees, with a passion for innovation, research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing, customer service, clinical education, professional marketing and sales, and global logistics. Chinamedi Group is a very progressive business enterprise that experiences very minimal employee turnover. However, Chinamedi Group ’s ambitious growth strategies in several exploding healthcare markets requires a constant pool of talented resources at all levels of the company.

Although there may not currently be a posted job description at this time for your particular area of interest, we encourage you to contact our Human Resources department anytime. Chinamedi Group is an equal opportunity firm. For more information about these career opportunities and how you may contribute to Chinamedi Group's commitment to improving patient care, customer satisfaction, and innovation, Please contact us at:
HR@ChinamediGroup.com .


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